Through the hustle and bustle of the Holiday cheer we tend to side step our health during the Holiday season. Here’s a simple way to remember to stay healthy.

 Happiness – Set realistic expectations for the holidays.

Openness – Think about changing some of your holiday routines, perhaps by simplifying some of your traditions. Do you really need to make 12 different kinds of cookies?

Laughter – It’s still the best medicine.

Illness Prevention – The combination of being indoors more frequently, being exposed to more people at social occasions, and increased stress of the holidays can explain the higher incidence of colds and flu during the holiday season. Wash your hands frequently, get enough sleep, and decrease stress!

Diet – Don’t overindulge or skip meals. Eat Healthy foods (don’t forget the fruits and vegetables) and enjoy small portions of holiday treats.

Activity – Try to get a least 30 minutes a day of physical activity (yes, walking from the far end of the mall parking lot counts!)

Yoga – or other relaxation techniques Take a few minutes each day for deep breathing, listening to music, or whatever helps you relax.

Home Safety – Fragile holiday collectables and decorations, colored lights and candles, new toys with small pieces – all can be holiday hazards, especially when there are young children in the house. Do a home safety check as part of your preparation for the holidays.

Expenses – Establish and live within your holiday budget. You can show love and caring by getting something that you know is meaningful and special for that person, and it doesn’t have to cost a lot.

Alcohol – Moderation is the key.

Loved Ones – Remember that what your family and your children really want most is to spend time with you. But don’t expect that just because it’s the holiday season, your family will automatically become perfect and everyone will be on their best behavior!

Time Management – Set priorities and plan ahead. Try to break down over-whelming tasks (cleaning the house, planning the dinner for 50 people) into smaller activities. And remember, you don’t have to say “yes” to every request for your time and talent!

Help – Reach out to others. Try extending your generosity and energy to others, and you may discover the true meaning of the holiday season.

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