Don’t Be Sunk – Invest in Boat Coverage

Don’t Be Sunk – Invest in Boat Coverage

Don’t Be Sunk – Invest in Boat Coverage

If you’re a boat owner, any time it is beautiful out you will want to have your watercraft out on the water, enjoying every minute of it. If you’re out on the water, chances are so are other boaters. That’s why it is important to invest in insurance for boat.

Now bodies of water aren’t nearly as crowded as roads filled with hoards of cars, but accidents do happen and in that instance it’s smart to be protected.

What You Need for Your Vessel

Other than keeping the boat safe, you need to be safe as well. With your watercraft insurance coverage make sure you have something that will cover any medical expenses in case you or a passenger gets hurt while riding. Make sure there is some type of coverage for any physical damage to the boat.

Accidental collisions do happen and submerged items can’t be seen, and you want to make sure your liability or optional physical damage coverage plan will help fix anything that may have harmed your boat.

Another good thing to have for your vessel is some sort of towing or assistance coverage. For example if you run out of gas or your battery dies and you need to be pulled in to shore. You want to make sure you are covered in all potential risks, as the alternative can be expensive. It’s also helpful if you become stranded in the water, to have a worry-free option to get towed home.

Soderholm Insurance offers boat insurance to help keep you and your vessel safe when you decide to hit the water. If you’re an Alexandria or Evansville resident, we will work with you to make sure you have the coverage you need. For more information on our boat insurance or our other insurance policies, please contact us today!

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