Golf Outing 2010

Golf Outing 2010

Last Friday we closed early for our annual golf outing and picnic. It was quite the competition. With a few little adjustments to the game, and prizes in mind we enjoyed our time! Here are a couple pictures of our outing.

Insurance Agents can golf too

A few of the events were longest putt, longest drive, and many more. Shane and his wife Lisa were the overall winners. Congrats guys, but next year you won’t be able to be partners… It’s just not fair! (They schooled us all)

And proud of it!

Scott Soderholm, the owner won the farthest Marshmellow drive. We still have yet to hear his secret.

I’m pretty sure that’s the women’s driving green. Maybe we were cutting Bob a break since Patti wasn’t golfing.

We cut him a break and then loses his ball… Oh Bob, at least you have Patti helping you look. Later Patti won a pair of binoculars, too bad she didn’t have them out on the course.


 Deb is our most avid golfer of the group. She offered some much apprecaited coaching that day.

We had a blast getting out, knocking a few golf balls around, losing only one club, and of course enjoying the beatiful Minnesota summer weather! A big thanks to Tom and Patti Blank of the Lake Miltona Golf Club for the great service and wonderful dinner!

Yeah the day went something like this…. [youtube=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4Orqf5L3Zzo]

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